Lodge Kenmuir No 570 on the Roll of the Grand Lodge of Scotland

Lodge Kenmuir 570

Lodge Kenmuir No 570 on the Roll of the Grand Lodge of Scotland

Lodge Kenmuir No 570 on the Roll of the Grand Lodge of Scotland



THE 1960s



            The number of Candidates joining the Lodge continued to drop thereby following the trend in which the 1950s had ended. This era was a time of worry and concern for the Lodge: The General Fund was once again under great pressure due partly to the reduced attendances( and thereby income) and the maintenance problems of the property. To make matters worse on this front the reserve fund (which had been set aside for maintenance) had to be transferred to  the General Fund. Talk about robbing Peter to pay Paul!
            This era also marked a huge change in Springburn itself with many of the Victorian tenements demolished in the name of progress. Another major concern to the Lodge at this time was the route of the proposed Springburn Expressway which may have led to the demolition of the Hall. As it turned out it missed the Hall by Metres, although it did destroy about half of Springburn (but that is another story!) However you do get the impression that some Brethren believed that the compulsory purchase of the property for the new road may have solved the Lodges financial problems. Fortunately this was not an option.


The first Meeting held in the sixties was on 6/1/1960 was an Emergency Meeting at which the Second Degree was conferred. Candidates were still plentiful at this time with13 being balloted for on 23/1/1960.

The Lodge passed an account for payments for £94-11-4 for W Fraser and Partners for the Wardens Diases—Excellent value for money as the lasted over 40 years so far.

The Lodge held its first Divine Service of the sixties in Springburn Hill Parish on 27/3/1960.

An important Emergency Meeting was held on 3/3/1960, which was A Third Degree, by Past Masters of the Lodge led by the Senior Past Master Bro. G Carruth . The full team was;

            Bro. G Carruth
            Bro. C Cording
            Bro. R Smith
            Bro. R Porter
            Bro. J McLeod
            Bro. S Sloan
            Bro. J Howat
            Bro. W English
            Bro. J Miller
            Bro. G Barr
            Bro. G Shepherd

A total combined experience of Past Masters of 190 years!

The Lodge approved a General Committee recommendation at the Meeting on 11/5/1960 that the collections at each Meeting for a Childrens Treat be discontinued and replaced with a Pensioners Treat collection. The last Childrens Treat of this period took place in December 1960. Perhaps at this point it was ageing Lodge with more Pensioners than Children to contend with. With a bit of imagination I am sure that both could have been accommodated.

At this same Meeting a card was read from the Lord Provost of Glasgow Mr Galpern expressing his thanks for the donation to the Fire Disaster Fund—Which was probably the Cheapside Street fire.

Bro. W Livingstone of Lodge Govandale No 437 had Honorary Membership conferred on him at the Meeting on 25/5/1960.

Bro. Porterfield resigned as Secretary, due to business commitments, and his place was taken by Bro. W McCulloch on 13/7/1960.

The Lodge experienced sporting success in 26/10/1960 when the Whist Cup was won by Bro. A Tasker and Bro. W Adger.

Bro. J McLean was elected as Master and duly Installed on 23/11/1960.

It was reported at the Meeting on 28/12/1960 that Grand Lodge would issue yearbooks to all Intrants—A practice still done today.

The Provincial Grand Lodge Visitation took place on 8/2/1961 and was headed by Bro. Earnest Noakes PGM who once again reminded the Lodge that they had not contributed to the Temple Fund. You would have thought they would have got the message by now.

The Secretary reported on 22/2/1961 that the Assessors Office had fixed the rateable value of the Hall at £222—and he intended to appeal!

Bro. Sam Sloan again conferred the Mark on 31/5/1961 at which 40 Candidates attended. At this same Meeting a letter was received from Lodge Castlemilk No 1536 informing the Lodge of an exemplification to be carried out by the “Masonic Kilties of New Jersey”.

At the Lodge of Instruction held on 20/9/1961 a lecture was given by Bro. Matthew Brown PM Lodge Cumbernauld St Andrew No 199, Provincial Grand Junior Warden of Dunbartonshire, on “The Scottish Constitution at Home and abroad”.

By 27/9/1961 the Lodge was experiencing some heating difficulties, as convector heaters were required in the hall.

An interesting name to join the Lodge then was one Arthur Thomson—No I don’t think it was that one!

The Notice of Motion to purchase a jewel and apron for the retiring RWM had now risen to £40 at the Meeting on 11/10/1961.

At the AGM of 1961 on 8th November an invite was read from Lodge Cadder Freestone No 1586 advising of the Erection and Consecration Ceremony to be held on 22/11/1961—A date which clashed with Kenmuirs Installation and would undoubtedly affect the attendance. Bro. George Thornberry was elected and duly Installed on 22/1/1961.

Bro. Thornberry, Master, expressed his concern about the poor attendance at the Annual Divine Service and some thought was given to scrapping it.  He also reported on attending the 200th Anniversary of Lodge St Mungo No 27, which was also attended by Bro. L Bruce Most Worshipful Grand Master Mason and Bro. E Noakes PGM.

It was with sadness that the Lodge learned of the death of Bro. J Steele WJW on 26/9/1962.

Bro. Walter Guild was elected and duly Installed as Master on 28/11/1962.

At the Meeting on 12/12/1962 the Lodge decided to award Christmas gifts to Pensioners—The sum not to exceed 30/- each.

The Lodge was active socially by planning an Easter bus run to Loch Fyne.

A revision of the Byelaws was approved at the Meeting on 14/8/1963. The major changes being;

  1. Reduction of the summer months Meetings
  2. The Benevolent and Annuity Fund Treasurer would now be called the Almoner.
  3. The Fees for Initiation would increase from £9-9-0 to £12-12-0.


8 Applications were read at the Meeting on 25/9/1963 including one from James Forrest who was a Professional Footballer—Pity there wasn’t a Masonic five-a-side that year!

Lodge Kelburne No 459 from Millport conferred a Third Degree at the Meeting on 23/10/1963. At this same Meeting the Office-Bearers of Lodge Kenmuir were warned that “only in extreme circumstances were cases to be left in the Lodge rooms”—perhaps a case had been misplaced (bet it was after a “wet” harmony!)

Bro. Thomas G Wilson was elected and duly Installed on 27/11/1963.

The Lodge of Instruction contained a lecture by Bro. J McLeod on the First-Degree tracing board.

A Meeting was held on Christmas Day 1963 at which the Second Degree was conferred.

1964 opened with the death of Bro. J Dobinson PM (1933), whose death was reported at the Meeting on 22/1/1964.


Bro.A Battison Substitute Provincial Grand Master headed the Provincial Grand Lodge Deputation to the Lodge on12/2/1964 at which he suggested that the Annuitants Grants be increased in line with inflation. This suggestion was taken on board and the Grants were increased at the Meeting on 11/3/1964. At the same Meeting Bro. T Wilson, Master, made a presentation to Bro.H Nicol, Almoner, to mark 13 years service to the Lodge.

At the Meeting on 25/3/1964 the Lodge announced an Easter bus run to Portpatrick-The cost being 27/6. At this same Meeting the Second Degree was conferred by Bro. Alex Watson for the first time---and he is still doing it today!

On 22/4/1964 the Lodge conferred Honorary Membership on Bro. James Stirling PM Lodge Athole No 384, Past Provincial Senior Grand Warden of Dunbartonshire.

At the Meeting on 27/5/1964 it was decided to confer Distinguished Service Memberships on:

                        Bro. C Cording PM
                        Bro. D Whyte PM

It was also decided to award them a gift of £10 each. A Special Meeting was convened for that purpose at which Bro. G Russell Substitute Provincial Grand Master attended.

Bro. W McCulloch PM Sec had taken seriously ill and Bro. G Thornberry
 PM had agreed to take over as temporary Secretary in the meantime on 10/6/1964. This was Bro. Thornberrys first taste of being Secretary and of course later he was to become a long serving Secretary.

It was with sadness that the death of Bro. Porter PM (1941) was recorded on 26/8/1964.

The Lodge of Instruction on 16/9/1964 contained a lecture on “Some Thoughts on the First Degree” by Bro. J McLachlan PM Lodge St John Kilwinning No 28.

Bro. Andrew Tasker was elected and Installed as Master on 28/11/1964 by Bro. J Howat PM and Bro. J McLean PM. Bro. George Thornberry was also Installed as Lodge Secretary.

At the Meeting on 23/12/1964 the Lodge decided to move the Lodge of Instruction from the third Wednesday to the first Wednesday to accommodate the St Rollox Royal Arch Chapter—This to be for a period of 4 months. The Lodge also reported that it had received an application from the White Shrine Chapter for a let of the Hall.

Bro. Hugh McNab PM Lodge Leven St John was the speaker at the Lodge of Instruction held on 3/2/1965—The subject being “Landmarks of the First Degree

The Lodge suffered damage to the roof and at the Meeting on 10/2/1965 it was reported that a quote would be obtained for the repair.

The Lodge considered a proposal to split the Province of Glasgow in two and Lodge voted 62-11 in favour of the status quo. This trend was repeated at the Provincial Grand Lodge Meeting when the vote was 410-34 in favour of the status quo.

Bro. J McLachlan PM Lodge St John Kilwinning No 28 returned to the Lodge of Instruction to give further lecture on 15/9/1965. His subject this time was “The development of Coloured (Negro) Lodges in America”. Bro. A Tasker, Master, welcomed back Bro. A Watson after illness and Bro. A Grant after his recent marriage.

At the AGM on 10/11/1965 Bro. George Sloan was elected Master and duly Installed on 24/11/1965. Bro. A Tasker reported that the Hall repairs would be complete by the Installation. The repairs mentioned were probably the roof repairs, which involved covering over the Cupola in the East.

The Annual Divine Service took place on 13/3/1966 and the Lodge of Instruction took place three days later on 16/3/1966. Bro. T Wilson PM gave a lecture on the First Degree tracing board.

At this time the Lodge appeared to be suffering financial problems, probably due to a reduction in the number of Candidates, and £500 was transferred from the Reserve Fund (which was used for maintenance) to the General Fund.

Another sign of the changing times of the 1960s was the concern raised by Bro. J Howat PM at the Meeting on 27/4/1966. He was concerned about how the Hall would be affected by the redevelopment of Springburn due to the route of the proposed Springburn Expressway.

The Lodge had a notable visitor on 8/6/1966 -- Bro. T Livingstone, a Member of 570 and the Master of Lodge Milncroft No 1515.

On the Meeting held on 24/8/1966 Bro. C Cording, who was the Senior Past Master, presented Bro. G Shepherd PM with a wallet and money on the occasion of him going to Canada.

The AGM for 1966 was held on 9th November at which the Secretary gave the Annual Report. The number of Initiates had decreased by 5 and the average per meeting had dropped by 3----Unfortunately exact figures are not given. The amount for the Jewel and the Apron for the retiring Master had increased to £45.

Bro. Finlay Skinner was elected and duly Installed as Master on 23/11/1966.

A new Hallkeeper, Bro. William Banks Wilson (a Member of Lodge Sir William Wallace No 1504 and my grandfather) was appointed and awarded a £5 gift for the work put in to clean and overhaul the chequered floor. However the real story was that the cleaning and scrubbing of the chequered floor was actually done by My Grandmother, my Mother and me! My Grandfather “forgot” to pass on (or even mention) the £5 gift and my Grandmother was not very happy at all with him when she found out! Ouch!

At the Meeting on 8/2/1967, despite the Lodges own financial worries, £100 was gifted to the Dunblane Masonic Home. At this Meeting the Lodge intimated that the Annual Divine Service would be held in Somerville and Cowlairs Parish Church on 19/3/1967.

The Lodge received a setback on 24/5/1967 when it was reported that a fire occurred in the premises causing £107 of damage(which was paid by the Insurance)  and injuring the Hallkeeper.    

Further concerns were expressed at the Meeting on 27/9/1967 regarding the future of the building as regards redevelopment in the area. Although You get the impression from the Minutes at that time that the Lodge would have been happy to sell out to the Roads Department due to the increasing maintenance costs of the property.

The 1967 AGM took place on 8/11/1967 at which the executive Office-Bearers refused any rise in emoluments due to the “financial condition of the Lodge”. The Secretary reported a further decrease of 3 Initiates for the year and a decrease of 11 attendances per Meeting.

Bro. Alex Watson was elected as Master and Installed on 22/11/1967 by Bro. J Howat and Bro. S Sloan.

At the Meeting on 27/12/1967 the Lodge granted permission to Lodge Bishopbriggs No 1259, who met in Vulcan St at that time, to display a Past Masters Board in the Temple.

Following the major storm in January 1968, at the Meeting on 24/1/1968, Bro. D Watson PM moved that the Lodge donate £10 from the General Fund to the Lord Provosts “Appeal for the Hurricane Fund”.

It was with sadness that the death of Bro. G Shepherd PM (1957) was recorded at the Meeting on 14/2/1968.

On 13/3/1968 Bro. A Watson Master appealed for volunteers to carry out painting and also reported that Bro.C Cording PM, who was present, had been initiated exactly 50 years ago to the day.

The Annual Divine Service was once again held in Somerville and Cowlairs Parish Church on 3/3/1968.

A Lodge of Instruction was held on 17/4/1968 at which Bro. T Wilson PM gave a lecture on “Points of Freemasonry”.

At the Meeting on 28/8/1968 a gift of watches were presented to Bro. Barclay and Bro. Grice in acknowledgement of the painterwork carried out in the Lodge.

At the AGM on 13/11/1968 the Secretary reported that the Initates had remained the same as the last year and attendances had increased by 8 per Meeting.

Bro. Alastair Grant was elected as Master and duly Installed on 27/11/1968 by Bro. G Thornberry PM and Bro. A Tasker.

The Lodge reported the death of Bro. J McKenzie PM (1952) on 12/12/1968.

A Meeting was held on Christmas Day 1968 which was purely a business Meeting—This was the last Meeting to be held on a Christmas Day.

The Lodge had a Visitation from Lodge Helensburgh St George No 503 on 22/1/1969 when a Third Degree was conferred.

Further changes were made to the Byelaws in 12/2/1969—The major change to increase the Initiation Fee from £12-12-0 to £14-0-0. There were also some financial changes to take account of future Decimalisation.

At the Meeting on 26/2/1969 concerns were expressed about the low attendance at the Lodge of Instruction on 19/2/1969. The following Lodge of Instruction, however, was well attended at which Bro. Douglas McMillan WJW of Lodge Sir William Wallace No 1504 gave a lecture on the Districts of Springburn illustrated with slides. At the following Lodge of Instruction on 16/4/1969 Bro. E Murray PM gave a lecture about Freemasonry among Prisoners of War.

A further lecture was given at the Regular Meeting on 10/9/1969 by Bro. Rev. John Stewart PGChap about his stay in a Prisoner of War Camp and how Freemasonry and the Kirk sustained him during this time.

Bro. G Sneddon PM Airdrie Operative Lodge No 203 lectured on “Time Immemorial and the phraseology of Freemasonry” at the Lodge of Instruction on 17/9/1969.

The AGM for 1969 was held on 12/11/1969 when it was agreed to discontinue lifting a collection for the OAP Fund—This would now be financed by the Benevolent Fund. In its place a collection would be lifted for the Regalia Fund.

The Secretary Reported that Initiates had increased by 2 but attendances had decreased by an average of 4 per Meeting.

Bro. K McLeod was elected as Master and duly Installed on 26/11/1969.This was the first instance of two Brothers going to the Chair ( with his brother John McLeod being Master in 1944) The first Regalia Fund collection was uplifted at this Meeting which raised the sum of £2-7-0.

The last Meeting of the 1960s was held on 24/12/1969 at which a Second Degree by Bro. John Howat PM was conferred on 3 Brethren.





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