Lodge Kenmuir No 570 on the Roll of the Grand Lodge of Scotland

Lodge Kenmuir 570

Lodge Kenmuir No 570 on the Roll of the Grand Lodge of Scotland

Lodge Kenmuir No 570 on the Roll of the Grand Lodge of Scotland



THE 1980S




The ongoing problems with maintenance of the property continued to plague the Lodge with the flat roof in the East and the heating system (or the lack of it ) being culprits. However a major problem came to light in 1984 when it was discovered that the front of the property had begun to bulge and dry rot had taken a firm hold of the room adjacent to the Temple. The cost of estimated repairs (£20,000) necessitated putting the Hall title deeds up as collateral to raise funds for this work.
            The intake of Candidates continued to decline during this era until by the end of the eighties 5 Candidates was considered a good year---a far cry from 281 candidates in 1919.This drop in candidates caused fewer Brethren to progress to the Chair and as such 2 Brethren, Bro. Gavin Sorbie and Bro. Alex Fitzpatrick took the Chair twice in this era—The first time this had happened since 1917.
            This era concluded with a “younger team” in office to face the challenge of the nineties with Bro Gordon Sorbie taking over from Bro. George Thornberry as Secretary, Bro. William Waite as Treasurer and Bro. Gordon Wilson as Master. 


The first Meeting of the 80s was held on 9/1/1980 with Bro. Hugh Tollan in the Chair. The Lodge was once again suffering maintenance problems—This time water penetration through the flat roof above the East and a date of 27/1/1980 was set to meet the Club Committee in an attempt to resolve the problem. At this same Regular meeting it was reported that Bro. A Watson PM had become the Depute Master of Lodge Blantyre in Malawi.

The Provincial Visitation was marked by a quiz between Lodge Commercial No 360 and Lodge Sandwood No1590, which 1590 won by 18-10.

On 12/3/1980 the Lodge received a letter from the East Saxon Lodge No 1053 EC that Bro. Francis Shaw, a Member of 570, would be Installed as Master on 13/3/1980.

At the Meeting on 10/9/1980 ,Bro. T Wilson PM reported that on a visit to the Third Eye Centre in Glasgow he had seen a photograph of the laying of the Memorial Stone of the Lodge in 1909. The Lodge agreed to investigate this further and try and obtain a print of this photgraph.

The Lodge lost one of its tenants on 22/10/1980 when it was reported that Springburn OES No 157 would be leaving the premises.

Bro. Ronald Wilson PM was elected as Master and duly Installed on 28/11/1980.

The Lodge, always ready to move with the fashions (albeit usually ten years late!), decided a new tie was required and at the Meeting on 25/3/1981 it was reported a new tie would be available soon.

The Lodge enjoyed sporting success on 8/4/1981 when it was reported that Bro. A Tasker PM and his partner had won the District Whist Cup and the formal presentation was made on 26/8/1981.

Bro. Alex Watson PM was welcomed back into the Lodge at the Meeting on 9/9/1981 following his time in Malawi. At the same Meeting Bro.T Lochhead presented the Lodge with a photograph of the Stone Laying Ceremony on behalf of himself and his late Brother Dugald McGregor Lochhead.

An Emergency Meeting was held on 30/9/1981 at which a second Degree was conferred by a team of Reigning Masters headed by Bro. Ronald Wilson RWM 570 , assisted by Bro.  John Reid RWM  No 426 Lodge Prince of Wales, Renfrew and Bro. David Stein RWM Lodge Georgetown No 1170. The Candidates receiving their Second Degree that night were obviously impressed as two of them, Bro. G Wilson and Bro. W Trench went on to become Masters of the Lodge.

The Mark Degree for 1981 was conferred on 28/10/1981 on 16 Candidates. The Degree work was carried out by Bro. Sam Sloan PM and Bro. G Thornberry PM. Sadly this was to be the last time that Bro. Sam Sloan would carry out this Degree.

Bro. Gavin Sorbie was elected Master and duly Installed on 27/11/1981.

The Lodge was shocked by the sudden death of the Junior Warden Bro. Hugh Ross which was reported at the Meeting on 24/2/1982 and it was agreed that a period of mourning would be held with a Memorial Service to be held on 24/3/1982. However before this could take place the Lodge was further saddened by the death of Bro. Sam Sloan PM(1950). The Memorial Service was rearranged for 26/5/1982, which was attended by Bro. G McEwan Substitute Provincial Grand Master and was conducted by Bro. John Stewart Provincial Grand Chaplain.

On a brighter note at the Meeting on 12/5/1982 it was reported that Bro. A Tasker PM and Bro. John Eadie PM had won the John Adams Whist Cup.

The Lodge once again showed it was a family Lodge by recording its congratulations to Bro. Stuart Greig on the birth of his daughter, and to Bro. Jim Brown on the birth of his son at the Meeting on 25/8/1982.   

At the Meeting on 28/9/1982 Bro.Gavin Sorbie, Master, reported on being present at the official opening of Springburn Museum. I am reliably informed that he was a guest and not an exhibit! Unfortunately the Museum closed in 2000.

The AGM for 1982 was held on 10th November at which Bro. Jim Brown was elected Master and duly Installed on 26/11/1982. However at the AGM the balance sheet was not accepted –and indeed was not accepted until 26/1/1983 when an independent accountant resolved the matter with the assistance of the previous Treasurer. At the Installation on 26/11/1982 it was also reported that Bro. Ronald Wilson PM had been made an Honorary Member of Lodge Ruchill No 1436.

The Provincial Grand Lodge Visit on 9/2/1983 was marked by the PGL Quiz which was contested by Lodge Stepps No 1213 and Lodge Commercial No 360.Lodge Stepps were victorious 16-14.

Bro. George Thornberry PM once again took over as Secretary on 9/3/1983 and was to fill this Office for a further 6 years.

A Notice of Motion was put forward on 23/3/1983 by Bro. A Watson PM seconded by Bro. G Thornberry PM that Initiation Fees increase from £25 to £35 and Life Membership increase from £22.50 to £45. This was duly passed at the Meeting on 27/4/1983. This was an attempt by the Lodge to try to increase Fees back to the “real” level they had been prior to the inflation of the 1970s when Fees did not keep pace with costs.

On the Social side the Lodge arranged a visit to the Grand Lodge Museum in Edinburgh on 14/5/1983 at a cost of £4 per head.

The Lodge affiliated Bro. William Thomson, a Master Mason of Lodge Progress No 873, into 570 on 11/5/1983.

The Meeting on 14/9/1983 was marked by a visit by Bro Harry Jeffrey SPGM and a kind gift to the Lodge of 6 Centenary Glasses by the family of the late Bro.Wright  to be used at Harmony.

The AGM for 1983 was held on 9th November at which Bro. Stuart Greig , who was the youngest ever Master of Kenmuir at that time, was elected and duly Installed on 25/11/1983. There were 3 Installing Masters, which was fairly unusual

                        Bro.     R Walker PM   570
                        Bro.     T Greig    PM    683 Lodge St John Whiteinch
                        Bro.     G Sorbie PM    570

It was also fairly unusual that a Past Master other than a 570 PM took part in the Ceremony. Bro. T Greig PM 683 was the father of Bro. S Greig, Master 570. Bro. Alastair Grant attended this Installation as part of the Provincial Deputation as Provincial Grand Jeweller.

In December 1983 the Hall was once again showing its lack of maintenance with water penetrating into the Temple at the East.

The Lodge recorded the death of Bro. William Clay on 11/1/1984—He was the Brother who brought my father into the craft and was therefore responsible for me joining Kenmuir .

The Provincial Grand Lodge Visitation on 8/2/1984 was led by Bro. William Fleming Provincial Grand Master and composed a high powered Deputation to report on the Lodges work for the previous year.

An Emergency Meeting was held on Monday 13th February 1984 to discuss repairs needed urgently to the property. The front wall had begun to bulge out and dry rot had taken a firm hold in the adjacent----It was estimated that it could cost £20000 to remedy the defects. The Lodge decided to appoint a Committee to liaise with the Kenburn Club and were given the power to advance the Hall Title Deeds as collateral.

The Hallkeeper Bro. George Lowrie presented a picture of Robert Burns to the Lodge on 22/2/1984. This picture, which he had found in the cellar of the Lodge, is still on display today.

At the Meeting on 14/3/1984 , the Lodge conferred Honorary Membership on Bro. Hugh Graham of Lodge Sir William Wallace No 1504.

At the Meeting on 11/4/1984 it was reported that as part of the maintenance work that the Club Ceiling would have to be replaced at cost of £4000. The Club were also considering constructing a games room at a cost of £28750. However the Lodge was assured at the meeting on 23/5/1984 that only necessary work would be considered in the meantime. 

At this point in time Springburn was fairly derelict and it was reported at the Meeting on 13/6/1984 that a supermarket would be constructed adjacent to the property—This obviously came to nothing.

At the Meeting on 27/8/1984 it was decided that a function would be held to celebrate the centenary of the reponing of the Charter. To highlight this at the Meeting on 26/9/1984 Bro. Ronald Walker PM read out the Minute from 100 years ago.

The AGM on 14/11/1984 was Chaired by Bro. Gavin Sorbie PM and at this Meeting Bro. Alex Fitzpatrick was elected as Master and duly Installed on 23/11/1984.

The Lodge conferred Honorary Membership on Bro. George Lowrie, the Hallkeeper, on 13/2/1985 and at the next Meeting on 27/2/1985 it was reported that Honorary Membership had been conferred on Bro. Thomas Lochhead at Pollokshaws Royal Arch Lodge No 153.

At the Meeting on 27/3/1985 the Lodge decided to revise its Bye-laws to dispense with the Meeting on the 4th Wednesday in December  and to change the date of the Installation from the fourth Friday in November to the last Friday in November. This same Meeting was marked by the presentation of Honorary Membership to Bro. W Shepherdson Provincial Grand Master.

The Lodge enjoyed more sporting success by winning the District Whist cup on 10/4/1985.

At the Meeting on 8/5/1985 it was reported that Bro. Alex Watson PM had been appointed the Proxy Master of Lodge Blantyre Malawi No 956 a Lodge of which he was an Affiliate Member and one time Depute Master.

On 4/9/1985 various Brethren had reported attending the 30th Anniversary Celebrations of Lodge Sir William Wallace No 1504. The AGM for 1985 was held on 13/11/1985 at which Bro. Gavin Sorbie PM was elected as Master and duly Installed on 29/11/1985—The first time a Master had been Installed on a fifth Friday of November under the new Bye-laws. This was the second time that Bro. Gavin took the Chair---the first time this had happened since Bro. George Carruth PM took the Chair for the second time in 1917.

The Lodge was saddened by the death of Bro. James McLellan PM(1956) which was reported at the Meeting on 8/1/1986.

An interesting Motion proposed by Bro. A Fitzpatrick PM seconded by Bro. Hugh Tollan PM was passed at the Meeting on 12/2/1986---That the second collection at Regular Meetings be put to Hall renovation rather than the Regalia fund. The first collection uplifted raised the sum of £10.30. This same collection is, of course, still uplifted today. 

Bro. Gavin Sorbie, Master, conveyed the congratulations of the Lodge to Bro. Alex Fitzpatrick PM on becoming a Grandfather.

It proved necessary for the Lodge to meet in the upper Hall on 23/4/1986 due to renovation works in the Temple---This would continue until 27/8/1986. The repairs were being co-ordinated by Bro. Ronald Walker PM.

Although the Lodge funds were dwindling at this point in time , a Notice of Motion was put forward by Bro. A Watson PM seconded by Bro. H Eadie PM that £250 be donated from the Benevolent Fund to the Grand Master Masons 250th Anniversary Appeal. This was duly approved at the Meeting on 11/6/1986.

A very kind donation of £300 was received from the St Rollox RAC on 24/9/1986 to assist with the renovation of the Temple.

The AGM for 1986 was held on 12/11/1986 at which Bro. A Fitzpatrick PM was elected as Master (again for the second time) and duly installed on 28/11/1986.

The PGL Visit was held on 11/2/1987 at which a quiz was held with Lodge Springburn No 1198 being victorious over Lodge St John Whiteinch No 683 by 25-19.

The Lodge presented Bro. George Lowrie on 25/2/1987 with a retirement gift of a TV and licence for his work as Hallkeeper over the years. The Meeting was also marked by a First Degree carried out by Bro. Gordon Wilson JD.

Two Brethren were affiliated at the Meeting on 27/5/1987—Bro. Douglas Paxton of Lodge Springburn No 1198 and Bro. Lawrence Jackson of Lodge Bishopbriggs No 1259.

The AGM was held on 11/11/1987 at which Bro. Gordon Sorbie was elected as Master and duly Installed on 27/11/1987. This was the second instance of brothers being in the Chair—Bro Gavin in 1982 & 1986 an now his brother Gordon.

It was reported at the Meeting on 9/12/1987 that at a Visitation to Pollokshaws Royal Arch Lodge No 153 that the Master of this Lodge Bro. Ian Dalglish had presented Bro. Gordon Sorbie with a pennant. This pennant is still displayed in the Lodge on Meeting nights.

At the Meeting on 27/1/1988 it was reported that the Lodge had agreed a deal with Metro advertising for billboards on the property.

To further the social aspect of the Lodge a games night was held for the Frank Watson Shield (which had been donated by Bro. Alex Watson PM in memory of his father) and at the Meeting on 23/3/1988 winners trophies were presented to Bro. Matt Sime and Bro. Gordon Wilson.

The Lodge was visited by Bro. William Shepherdson PGM on 14/9/1988 to present a Distinguished Service Membership to Bro. Andrew Tasker PM—This came as a complete surprise to Bro. Andrew!

A Notice of Motion was put before the Lodge to purchase a gift for the retiring RWM—This time the amount had risen to £350. This was passed at the AGM held on 9/11/1988 at which Bro. Alex Watson PM was elected as Master and duly Installed on 25/11/1988. Bro. William Shepherdson Provincial Grand Master carried out the duties of Installing Master—The first time a Provincial Grand Master had Installed at 570.

The Provincial Grand Lodge Visit was held on 8/2/1989 and was marked by a quiz which Lodge Springburn No 1198 defeated Lodge Anima No 1223 by 30-24.

At the Meeting on 22/2/1989 a joint Deputation from The Bridgeton and Glasgow Shamrock and Thistle Lodge No 275 and The Pollokshaws Royal Arch Lodge No 153 was received to witness a Third Degree by Bro. Ronald Walker PM. It was also reported at this Meeting that the 570 quiz team of Bro. Alex Watson, Bro. Gordon Wilson, Bro. William Waite and Bro. William Paton had been defeated at Lodge St John Whiteinch No 683.

At this point in time the Provincial Grand Lodge was celebrating its 250th Anniversary and many events were being planned and carried out. The Master, IPM and Wardens were invited to a Divine Service of Rededication in Glasgow Cathedral followed by a Civic Reception in the City Chambers. To celebrate the Anniversary the Lodge proposed to donate £1000 to the Bridge of Weir Project. This proposal which was put forward by Bro. Alex Watson, Master, and Bro. William Mitchell was carried by a majority of 18-4. There was further discussion in whether the Lodge could afford this but a vote to hold a Special Meeting to discuss this was defeated by 13-7.

A Special Meeting was held on Tuesday 4th April when Lodge Cadder Freestone No 1586 visited and conferred the Second Degree—This was the first ever visit by 1586. A Special Meeting was required as both Lodges meet on the same nights—The second and fourth Wednesdays.

Grand Lodge wrote to the Lodge on 12/4/1989 to advise that the Bridge of Weir Project was to go ahead ( No doubt due to our £1000 donation!)

On 14/6/1989 Honorary Membership was proposed for 3 “Old Faithfuls “ of Lodge Kenmuir- Bro. Stan Brown, Bro. Willie Colvin and Bro. John Ross, all of Caledonian St. Johns Royal Arch Lodge No 195. Honorary Membership was also proposed for Bro Douglas McMillan PM Lodge Sir William Wallace No 1504 and Bro. Jack Sutherland PM The Bridgeton and Glasgow Shamrock and Thistle Lodge No 275. These Honorary Memberships were conferred at the Regular Meeting held on 23/8/1989. Another feature of this Meeting was 50 year Diploma awarded to Bro. James McLaughlin.

It was with sadness that the Lodge recorded the death of Bro. John Stewart HM 570, PG Chaplain at the Meeting on 13/9/1989.

On 27/9/1989 the Lodge proposed Honorary Membership on Bro. George Christie of Lodge Anderson McMillan No. 1552 and Bro. William McAslin of Lodge Tollcross No 1194 as a token of thanks of the Lodge for the assistance with repairs carried out to the flat roof in the East which had become severely dilapidated. These Memberships were conferred at the AGM, which was held on 8/11/1989. It was also announced the same night that Bro. Andrew Tasker PM(1965) had passed away on 25/10/1989.

Bro. Gordon Wilson was elected as Master at the AGM and duly Installed as such on 24/11/1989—The earliest date the Master can be Installed under the existing Bye-laws. Other important changes took place to the Executive Offices of the Lodge at that time;

  1. Bro. George Thornberry PM stepped down as Secretary (to become Depute Master) and Bro. Gordon Sorbie PM took over this office. Bro. George’s last official Minute as Secretary was of the Installation on 24/11/1989.
  2. Bro. Ronald Walker PM stepped down as Treasurer (to become Senior Warden) and Bro. William Waite took over this Office.

            These Brethren comprised a younger team to lead 570 into the year of Culture in 1990.

Bro. Gordon Wilson was the third Wilson to be Installed into the Chair of 570, the other 2 being Bro. Thomas Wilson PM(1964) and Bro. Ronald Wilson PM(1981). It is interesting to note that none of the Wilson’s were related each other---Other than Masonically.

The last Meeting of the 1980s was held on 13/12/1989 at which on the Motion of Bro. Gordon Wilson Master seconded by Bro. Ronald Walker SW a further £100 was donated to the Bridge of Weir Fund. An amusing feature of this Meeting was the organ was officially pronounced as being “dead !”





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