Lodge Kenmuir (Springburn) 570

Roll of Office-Bearers 2018/19
Office Name
Right Worshipful Master Bro. Colin Christie
Depute Master Bro. Alex Watson PM
Immediate Past Master Bro. Gordon Fisher PM
Substitute Master Bro. Richard Anderson PM
Worshipful Senior Warden Bro. Martin Naismith
Worshipful Junior Warden Bro. Steven Lannery
Secretary Bro. Stewart KT Greig PM
Treasurer Bro. Iain Gray
Almoner Bro. Duncan Abernethy PM
Senior Deacon Bro. Martin Heggie
Junior Deacon Bro. Stewart Ferguson
Inner Guard Bro. Chris Jarvie
Chaplain Bro. Joe Revie
Assistant Chaplain Bro. Stephen Bullen Jnr
Architect Bro. Donald McPhee
Jeweller Bro. Stewart Brodie
Bible Bearer Bro. Chris Nelson
Director of Ceremonies Bro. Barry Dickson
Sword Bearer Bro. David Caldwell
Director of Music Bro. Brian Kerr
Marshall Bro. Richard Rigby PM
Senior Steward Bro. William Waite PM
Junior Steward Bro. Jimmy Bullen PM
Tyler Bro. Alastair Semple PM


The Secretary,

Lodge Kenmuir 570

43 Vulcan Street




Our meetings are normally conducted on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday from the 4th Wednesday in May until the 2nd Wednesday in September.


We tyle at 7-30pm Prompt.